27. Birth of prince Jujhar Singh

The Guru's wife Jeeto ji had no offspring till now. She had, times out of number, prayed to the Guru for being blessed with a son ; but had as often met with the reply that such a gift was not in his power to grant. Now Jeeto ji bad constantly seen people coming to the Guru and receiving blessings which had invariably resulted in the satiation of their desires. She was at a loss to understand her husband's refusal to her repeated prayers. At length she took courage and asked for an explanation. The Guru enquired from her if she remembered what he invariably told all who came to him with some request or.other. "Serve the poor and the needy and the Sadh Sangat (assemblies of pious persons)". was the reply. " Do thou likewise," said the Guru, "and the Timeless One will grant thy prayer." The command was respectfully obeyed. The wife of the Sachcha Patshah, whom the mightiest of the mighty worshipped and adored, was daily seen washing the feet of the pilgrims to Anandpur and serving in the cooking and the dining rooms. The Sikhs naturally disliked such offices from such an august lady but none dared object. The services had the effect desired. The Sikh devotees filled with emotion fervently wished her Heaven's choicest blessings. Their prayer was, heard and the illustrious lady was blessed ,with a son on the 21st of Chet, Samvat Vikrimadittya 1747, according to 16 A. D., who was named Jhujhar Singh and who received martyrdom in the battle of Chamkour.