58. Guru Naanak Dev ji and two Students

Two friends heard that Guru Nanak was giving a series of lectures and decided to attend. The first soon became a devoted student. He attended every lecture and tried to put what he learned to use in his daily life. The other came, but only out of curiosity. He soon became attracted to a woman who entertained men for a living. He would leave home every evening with his friend, telling every one he was going to listen to Guru Nanak. But when he was out of sight he would turn off and go to be with this woman. One day while they were leaving, this second man found a gold mohur in the path. He joyfully picked it up and hurried away to enjoy it with his lady friend. The first man continued on, only to hurt himself on a thorn. When he had recovered sufficiently, he went to Guru Nanak and complained. "How is it that a man who spends his evenings with such a woman finds a gold coin, and a man who tries his best to live the right life is badly injured?" Guru Nanak answered, "What comes to each man, good or bad, is due to his own actions. When the two of you first came, each of you had a result coming due. You were due to pay a debt by dying, impaled on a great stake. Your friend was due to receive a gift, to find a pot of golden mohurs. By the grace of the True Guru as much of your debt as possible was paid. You were able to pay off the balance with a small injury. By the grace of a dancing girl most of your friend's gift was squandered. He was paid off with only one coin."