48. Haajis vs. Naanak ji

In the morning, a number of learned hajjis gathered around the Guru. They held religious discussions with him. He satisfied every one of them. He explained to them his golden rules of life and religion. They listened to him with utmost attention. They agreed to live and act as advised by him. The Kazis and the Mullahs assembled to question Nanak on the subject of religion and God, Who has extended His Creation and no one can fathom the secrets of Nature. The muslim priest opened a book and asked him ‘ Who is superior – Hindu or Mullalman.’ Baba Nanak answered ‘Oh Hajis, without performance of good deeds, both Hindu and Muslims will lament. Both will be denied shelter in God’s court on the basis of their respective religions alone. The colour of the flower called Kasumbh (Carthamus Tinctoria) is washed away by water (so labels are fragile). The followers of both religions are quarelling, but of them are equal in the eye’s of God. The world has gone astray as it pursues the path of sin. On page 193 of Bala's Janam Sakhi, we have: Nanak said, O!, Rukn-ud-Din, hear from me the true reply, the saying of the Lord is written in the Book. That person will go to hell who does not repeat the Kalima, who does not keep the thirty fasts, and does not say the five prayers, who eats what is not lawful for him. These shall receive the punishment and the fire of the bottomless pit shall be his abode. Nanak said, O: Rukn-ud-Din, it is written in the Book (i.e., the Quran) that those who drink wine or 'Bhang' shall be punished on the Day of Judgement. It is also said that one of them said to the Guru, ‘Holy Sir, give me something which will always remind me of you.’ The Guru gave him his pair of sandals. They were respectfully kept in the Kaaba for some time. That Muslim fakir then returned to India. He brought the sandals with him. He kept them in his temple at Uch in Bahawalpur, now in Pakistan.