46. Guru Nanak in Pakpattan

Guru Nanak reached Pakpatan (Ajodhan) where he met with Sheikh Brahm who was the eleventh in succession to Baba Farid, whose Bani is also included in Guru Granth Sahib. The Guru had a wide range of discussion with Sheikh Brahm. The Guru stated,

"Thou art the tablet, O Lord, Thou art the pen, and Thou art also the writing, Speak of the one God; O Nanak, why should there be second."        

(Var Malar ki Mohalla 1, Page : 1291) 

The Sheikh asked the Guru to explain, "You say ,'There is only one God, why should there be a second ?', and the Sheikh asked :

There is one Lord and two ways;  Which shall I adopt, and which reject ?"

Guru ji replied :

"There is one Lord and one way;  Adopt one and reject the other."

Traditionall in a Var (like the Asa di Var) there has to be two beings mentioned to carry on a dialogue; so the Sheikh asked the Guru to let him hear a strain in praise of the One God. "My idea is", said the Sheikh, "that adoration cannot be performed without two beings, that is, God and the Rasul (Prophet). Let me see whom thou use as man's intercessor." Upon this the Guru asked Mardana to play the Rabab and he uttered the first Slok and Pauri of the Asa di Var:

"I am a sacrifice, Nanak, to my Guru a hundred times a day, Who without any delay made demigods out of man. Nanak, they who, very clever in their own estimation, think not of the Guru, Shall be left like spurious sesames in a reaped field- They shall be left in the field, saith Nanak, without an owner. The wretches may even bear fruit and flower, but shall contain ashes within their bodies.  

Pauri :

God Himself created the world, and formed Himself into Name, He created Nature by His power; seated He beheld His work with delight.  O Creator, Thou art the Giver; being pleased Thou bestowest and practisest kindness. Thou knowest all things; Thou givest and takest life with a word. Seated Thou beholdest Thy work with delight."  (Asa Mohalla 1, Page-462-63)

The Sheikh then wanted a knife, "Give me such a knife that those who are killed with it, shall be acceptable to God. With the ordinary knife the lower animals are killed. If a man's throat be cut with this knife, it becomes carrion."

The Guru replied in affirmative:

"Truth is the knife, truth is pure steel; Its fashion is altogether incomparable. Put it on the hone of the Word, And fit it into the scabbard of merit; If any one be bled with that, O Sheikh, The blood of avarice will be seen to issue forth. If man be slaughtered with it, he shall go to meet God, O Nanak, and be absorbed in the sight of Him."  (Ramkali ki Var, Mohalla 1, 19.2, Page : 956) 

On hearing this the Sheikh raised his head in amazement and said, "Well done. O Nanak, there is no difference between God and thee. Kindly bless me so that I too may be on good terms with Him." The Guru replied, "Sheikh Brahm, God will cause thy ship to arrive safe." The Sheikh requested the Guru to give him the firm promise of this. The Guru complied and blessed him with salvation. According to the Puratan Janamsakhi, the first nine pauries (stanzas) of the Asa di Var, were uttered by the Guru during the discussion with Sheikh Brahm and the other fifteen pauries of Asa di Var were uttered for Duni Chand Dhuper of Lahore. The Guru then proceeded to Multan, Uch, Sakhar and reached Lakhpat, where a Gurdwara now stands marking the memory of the Guru's visit. Then he reached Kuriani where a tank is called after Guru Nanak. He visited Miani, about fifty miles west of the city of Karachi and visited the temples of Hindus and the Muslims in the area. Near Hinglaj, there is a Dharmsala preserving the memory of the Guru's visit to this place. From there he boarded a ship for Arabia.






























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