38. Guru Naanak at Sri Nagar

Guru Nanak Ji's first halt was at Srinagar. At Srinagar, Guru Nanak Ji met a Muslim dervish known as Kamal, and a Hindu pundit called Braham Das. It is said that Braham Das was a very arrogant man. Wherever he went, he was followed by three camels carrying the ancient works he had studied. He was fond of entering into lengthy arguments with the holy men he encountered. When he met Guru Nanak Ji, in the first instance, he objected to his dress. Guru Nanak happened to be wearing leather shoes and a fur robe for protection against the Kashmir cold. The Guru ignored it. Braham Das then started displaying his learning and asked Guru Nanak Ji about the creation of the world. Guru Nanak's reply was most revealing:  (Raag MARU Ang. 1035)

For countless ages there was utter darkness; No earth, no sky, only God's will. No day, no night, neither the Moon nor the Sun. He sat in trance in the void. There was no eating, no speaking. There was no water, no air, No creation, no destruction, No coming, no going, There were no planets, no underworld, None of the seven seas With rivers flowing into them. There were no planes: higher, middle or lower, Neither hell nor heaven, nor any hour of death, No suffering, no bliss, No birth, no death, No entry, no exit. There was no Brahma, no Vishnu, no Shiva. With His order, the world was created. It is maintained without any support. He created Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. He created also the love of Maya. Only a few are blessed with His Word. He watches and rules over all. He brought about the planets, the hemisphere And the underworld. And became Himself manifest. It is the True Guru alone who imparts this Understanding. Says Nanak those who are truthful live in Eternal bliss. They are blessed with recitation of God's Name.  

Hearing this, Pandit Braham Das was stunned. He was amazed at Guru Nanak Dev Ji's vision. He became Guru Ji's disciple and decided to propagate the Word of God. Braham Das stayed in the valley and Kamal and was advised by Guru Nanak to settle in Kurram from where he propagated the Holy Word in Kabul, Kandahar in Afganistan.






























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