27. Junaagarh

Guru Ji went to Junagarh with King Bharthri who had become a Jogi. He arrived at this place through Spiritual Power with King Bharthari. In the guru Granth sahib it is said, Prabh ke Simran Ridh Sidh Nav Nidh (a person who meditates on god's name will get spiritual powers and Nine treasures (Including worldly and spiritual treasures) and one cannot suspect on Meditation of Guru Nanak Sahib. Now if we talk about his mission it was to bring people on right way. It is easy to bring devoted people on way, but few people who do not believe in the god chooses another path. The same is in case with guru nanak sahib. He never used miraculous powers without any reason and yes if required he never hesitated in using it. Jogi turned King Bharthari was in Takhtupura(Moga) in Malwa Punjab. He was told that he had to marry princess of Junagarh, and for that he had only a day left and if King failed to reach there, she will die. After that he will have to come in life again to get married to her. Her Transmigration will only cut after marrying with him. Raja Bharthari requested Sidhs to help him reaching there, But sidhs refused because they were not able to do so in such a short time. Then on Raja's request Guru Nanak Dev took him to Junagarh. After marriage of Bharthari Guru Nanak Sahib brought him back. A Gurdwara Sahib is present in Takhtupura which commemorates the incident. There is place of Bharthari too there. The Oldest Manuscript called Bhai Bala Janamsakhi also mentioned the said incident in detail. Guru Nanak Sahib visited this place secondly during his south travels. He visited ’’Girnar Parbat’’ is a very sacred hill for the Jains. A large number of Jain sadhus and munis had undertaken penance on this hill long ago and have attained ’’Moksha’’ or ’’Nirvan.’’ The Jain Tirthankara ’’Neminath’’ is supposed to have attained his Nirvana on this hill. The hill has a very large number of beautiful Jain temples. It is a very important pilgrimage spot for the Jains. Guru Ji preached to jain the way of life as dhoondiyas sadhus have unhygenic way of life.Then he proceeded to , Baroda and finally reached where there was a famous Jain temple. Jaini Sadhus would not take bath for many days thinking bathing killed some life in the water. Here he had discussion with a Jain Sadhu named Ambhi. He explained to the Sadhu that running away from water would not do any religious good but the worship of the Almighty was the only answer. Here Narsi Bhagat Data ganjbakash Peer brought his chelas to meet guru ji and enjoyed essence of gurbani. There is shrine commemorates Guru Nanak sahib's visit called Gurdwara Charan Kamal Sahib.


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