23. Second Udaasi (Second Travel)

The Second Udasi or Dooji Udasi refers to the Journey of Guru Nanak Dev Ji towards to the south for the sacred mission to spread the holy message of peace and compassion to all of mankind. Udasi is a word which takes its meaning from the word udas (meaning to take leave, go away or depart). Additionally the word can refer to sadness or dejection and is also used to refer to an order of holy persons who have renounced worldly ways. In his second Udasi it appeared that Guru Nanak Sahib had taken the path that Hindu men had traditionally taken in adulthood after marrying, having a son who after marriage an becoming the head of the household, would free their father to retire to the forests in search of communion with God. But Guru Nanak only appeared to take the traditional path of renouncing worldly ways (the world of Maya or illusion), as he took the attire of a Udasi. Guru Nanak, however, sat out to reform the way that religion had long been practised in India. His teachings were aimed at setting the world on a new path, pointing out the shortcomings of ritualistic behaviour; teaching men that God was much more than the worship of idols. This udasi was between 1506 - 1513. In This Udasi Guru Ji met many known personalities and visited many known places and preach to not to follow known useless rituals. Guru Ji met Jains, Hindus, Shaivites, Vaishnav, Krishna Bhagats, Muslims etc. Guru Ji collected Hymns of Bhagat Namdev and Bhagat Pipa during this tour. Guru Ji went to Sri Lanka and met Raja Shivnabh, Kauda Bheel at Vijaywada. Guru Ji also preached Dakhni Oankar a famous bani during this travel. Worship of Shiv's idol was very common in southern India at that time. There were twelve Shivling temples and six of them were situated in the south. Southern India was also ridden with caste system. Guru Nanak had to visit all such places to show the people the path of Eternal Truth i.e. the worship of Almighty, the Formless.