2. Guru Nanak at School

Guru Naanak Dev ji went to school and Recitation this Bani or Hymns:

  • Sassa:   He who created the world, is the One Lord and Master of all. Those whose consciousness remains committed to His Service: blessed is their birth and their coming into the world.  || 1 ||   O mind, why forget Him? You foolish mind! When your account is adjusted, O brother, only then shall you be judged wise.  || 1 ||  Pause  ||  

  • Eeree:  The Primal Lord is the Giver; He alone is True. No accounting is due from the Gurmukh who understands the Lord through these letters.  || 2 ||  

  • Ooraa:  Sing the Praises of the One whose limit cannot be found. Those who perform service and practice truth, obtain the fruits of their rewards.  || 3 ||  

  • Nganga:  One who understands spiritual wisdom becomes a Pandit, a religious scholar. One who recognizes the One Lord among all beings does not talk of ego.  || 4 ||  

  • Kakka:  When the hair grows grey, then it shines without shampoo. The hunters of the King of Death come, and bind him in the chains of Maya.  || 5 ||  

  • Khakha:  The Creator is the King of the world; He enslaves by giving nourishment. By His Binding, all the world is bound; no other Command prevails.  || 6 ||  

  • Gagga:  One who renounces the singing of the songs of the Lord of the Universe, becomes arrogant in his speech. One who has shaped the pots, and made the world the kiln, decides when to put them in it.  || 7 ||   

  • Ghagha:  The servant who performs service, remains attached to the Word of the Guruís Shabad. One who recognizes bad and good as one and the same: in this way he is absorbed into the Lord and Master.  || 8 ||  

  • Chacha:  He created the four Vedas, the four sources of creation, and the four ages: through each and every age, He Himself has been the Yogi, the enjoyer, the Pandit and the scholar. || 9 ||  

  • Chhachha:  Ignorance exists within everyone; doubt is Your doing, O Lord. Having created doubt, You Yourself cause them to wander in delusion; t_hose whom You bless with Your Mercy meet with the Guru.  || 10 ||  

  • Jajja:  That humble being who begs for wisdom has wandered begging through 8.4 million incarnations. The One Lord takes away, and the One Lord gives; I have not heard of any other.  || 11 ||  

  • Jhajha:  O mortal being, why are you dying of anxiety? Whatever the Lord is to give, He shall keep on giving. He gives, and gives, and watches over us; according to the Orders which He issues, His beings receive nourishment.  || 12 ||  

  • Nyanya:  When the Lord bestows His Glance of Grace, then I do not behold any other. The One Lord is totally pervading everywhere; the One Lord abides within the mind.  || 13 ||  

  • Tatta:  Why do you practice hypocrisy, O mortal? In a moment, in an instant, you shall have to get up and depart. Donít lose your life in the gamble ó hurry to the Lordís Sanctuary.  || 14 ||  

  • Tíhatíha:  Peace pervades within those who link their consciousness to the Lordís Lotus Feet. Those humble beings, whose consciousness is so linked, are saved; by Your Grace, they obtain peace.  || 15 ||  

  • Dadda:  Why do you make such ostentatious shows, O mortal? Whatever exists, shall all pass away. So serve Him, who is contained and pervading among everyone, and you shall obtain peace.  || 16 ||  

  • Dhadha:  He Himself establishes and disestablishes; as it pleases His Will, so does He act. Having created the creation, He watches over it; He issues His Commands, and emancipates those, upon whom He casts His Glance of Grace.  || 17 ||  

  • Nanna:  One whose heart is filled with the Lord, sings His Glorious Praises. One whom the Creator Lord unites with Himself, is not consigned to reincarnation.  || 18 ||  

  • Tatta:  The terrible world-ocean is so very deep; its limits cannot be found. I do not have a boat, or even a raft; I am drowning: save me, O Savior King!  || 19 ||  

  • Tíhatíha:  In all places and interspaces, He is; everything which exists, is by His doing. What is doubt? What is called Maya? Whatever pleases Him is good.  || 20 ||  

  • Dadda:  Do not blame anyone else; blame instead your own actions. Whatever I did, for that I have suffered; I do not blame anyone else.  || 21 ||  

  • Dhadha:  His power established and upholds the earth; the Lord has imparted His color to everything. His gifts are received by everyone; all act according to His Command.  || 22 ||  

  • Nanna:  The Husband Lord enjoys eternal pleasures, but He is not seen or understood. I am called the happy soul-bride, O sister, but my Husband Lord has never met me.  || 23 ||  

  • Pappa:  The Supreme King, the Transcendent Lord, created the world, and watches over it. He sees and understands, and knows everything; inwardly and outwardly, he is fully pervading.  || 24 ||  

  • Faffa:  The whole world is caught in the noose of Death, and all are bound by its chains. By Guruís Grace, they alone are saved, who hurry to enter the Lordís Sanctuary.  || 25 ||  

  • Babba:   He set out to play the game, on the chess-board of the four ages. He made all beings and creatures his chessmen, and He Himself threw the dice.  || 26 ||  

  • Bhabha:  Those who search, find the fruits of their rewards; by Guruís Grace, they live in the Fear of God. The self-willed manmukhs wander around, and they do not remember the Lord; the fools are consigned to the cycle of 8.4 million incarnations.  || 27 ||  

  • Mamma:  In emotional attachment, he dies; he only thinks of the Lord, the Love of Nectar, when he dies. As long as the body is alive, he reads other things, and forgets the letter Ďmí, which stands for marnaa: death.  || 28 ||  

  • Yaya:   He is never reincarnated again, if he recognizes the True Lord. The Gurmukh speaks, the Gurmukh understands, and the Gurmukh knows only the One Lord.  || 29 ||  

  • Rarra:  The Lord is contained among all; He created all beings. Having created His beings, He has put them all to work; they alone remember the Naam, upon whom He bestows His Grace.  || 30 ||  

  • Lalla:  He has assigned people to their tasks, and made the love of Maya seem sweet to them. We eat and drink; we should endure equally whatever occurs, by His Will, by His Command.  || 31 ||  

  • Wawa:  The all-pervading Transcendent Lord beholds the world; He created the form it wears. He beholds, tastes, and knows everything; He is pervading and permeating inwardly and outwardly.  || 32 ||  

  • Rarra:  Why do you quarrel, O mortal? Meditate on the Imperishable Lord, and be absorbed into the True One. Become a sacrifice to Him.  || 33 ||  

  • Haha:  There is no other Giver than Him; having created the creatures, He gives them nourishment. Meditate on the Lordís Name, be absorbed into the Lordís Name, and night and day, reap the Profit of the Lordís Name.  || 34 ||  

  • Airaa:  He Himself created the world; whatever He has to do, He continues to do. He acts, and causes others to act, and He knows everything; so says Nanak, the poet.  || 35 || 1 || 






























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