10. Daulat Khan 

Daulat Khan was the Nawab (a feudatory Muslim chief) of Sultanpur (also called Sultanpur Lodhi) which is an old town in Kapurthala district of the Punjab. This is the town where Guru Nanak had found work with his brother-in-law the Moti Of Daulat Khan's stores were he worked for many years before setting out on his travels - his Udasis to deliver his message. Daulat Khan became governor of the Province of Lahore during the first quarter of the sixteenth century. During that time there grew up a small sangat (holy fellowship of disciples) in this town. This must have prospered well as Bhai Gurdas in his Varan (XI.21), called Sultanpur the "treasure of God's adoration." It was during this period when Guru Nanak dissapeared one morning during his daily ablutions. Rumour soon spread accusing Nanak of thievery. A check of the stores of the Nawab showed every thing in order. His disciples (Sikhs) were great with grief fearing he had drown. It is said that on the third day He returned with steaming hot Monbogh in hand repeating "Wah Guruji! Dhanyah Guruji! Sath Guruji! Others say he did not speak for several days then would only repeat "their is no Musalman their is no Hindu". All could see a new accountanance upon his face. Nanak was now Clearly a changed man—now Guru Nanak.