3. Guru Angad in Seclusion

The Guru sat in a room locked from outside near Khadur, and meditated on God without ny distraction or interruption. He did not eat or drink anything except a pot of milk daily. About six months passed like this and the Sikhs did not know the whereabouts of the Guru. One day Bhai Lalo, Bhai Saido and Bhai Ajita and other Sikhs came to Bhai Buddha and asked him the whereabouts of the Guru.They had searched Khadur and other places but could not find him anywhere. It is said that Bhai Buddha concentrated his thoughts on the Guru and was able to visualize his place of meditation. Next morning they all went to the house near Khadur where the Guru was sitting in seclusion. The owner of the house gave them no information but went inside the house and told the Guru about the visit of four Sikhs. The Guru told the owner that they should be shown inside. He embraced Bhai Buddha and uttered the following Slok:

"Cut off the head which boweth not to the Lord, Nanak, take and burn the wretched body which feeleth not the pain of separation."  (Slok Mohalla 2, Page-89)

Bhai Buddha requested him to take his seat as Guru and receive the Sikhs publicly. fter this Guru Angad came forth from his seclusion. When the Guru came out, crowds went to see him and presented to him their offerings. Whatever he received, the Guru passed on to his kitchen. There were continuous preaching, singing of hymns and repetition of Name.






























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