Bhagat Parmanand ji

Bani Registered in Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji : one shabad in Raag Sarang Page 1253

Other poetic work : Parmanand Sagar

Principal Teachings : The full benefit of the religious book is achieved only when its theory is put into practice into daily life. If we don’t abandon bad deeds ,then there is no use of reading or listening to religious scriptures.

Bhagat Parmanand ji was born in the same village where Bhai Tirlochan ji was born and this village was; Baarsi Distt. Sholapur (Rajasthan, India). He was born in the year 1483 A.D. in the house of a Brahmin. Some historians believe that he was born in Kanauj. He was very intelligent since childhood. He became expert in the languages of Sanskrit, Brij and Hindi in a very short time. He was not only a scholar, poet and musician of high level, but a composer of poems on the topic of devotion and meditation. Moreover he used to sing these poems in a very melodious style and ascetic manner. He led a very peaceful religious life. His poems are available in the book “Parmanand Sagar”. He was born in the fifteenth century when Bhagti movement was at its climax. He received religious education from Swami Valabhacharya, a disciple of Lord Vishnu. Swami Valabhacharya was a follower of pure Advetvad which means that God is one. Maya(wealth) is produced by his power which is not real energy. Without the grace of God, knowledge can not be gained. The only way of salvation is devotional meditation. When a mortal is free from the links of maya then he mingles himself with his pure origin which is Almighty God. Valabhacharya’a disciples wore a rosary(string of beads used in prayers) of Tulsi( plant considered sacred in Hindu religion) and applied a saffron( orange color powder) print on the forehead. This sect established its throne in Gukal (U.P. India). The teachings and company of Swami Valabhacharya awakened the hidden prior strength of Bhagat Parmanand ji. Initially, he was a disciple of Lord Krishna. But he stopped idol worship of Krishna and started worshipping one omnipotent and ever prevailing God. Everyone bows his head out of respect to the efforts, intellect and devotion of Bhagat ji. He used to salute his deity by completely lying down on the ground about seven hundred times daily. Some people called him Sarang or Chatrik because his uttered words had pangs of separation like that of a rain bird (papiha). Only one shabad of Bhagat Parmanand ji is registered in Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji in Raag Sarang in which he narrated the bare truth. He says,”O man! What have you gained after studying Vedas, Purans and Shastras? According to their teachings you have not meditated on the eternal God. Neither have you met the demands of any needy person nor have you donated anything out of your earnings.” “O man ! No doubt you have listened to the religious scriptures, but you couldn’t control the lust for sex. You also have not controlled your temper and desire for money. The organs(ear and mouth) which you have used to listen and pronounce religious scriptures are being used for listening to bad words and talking bad about other people. You are wasting your time entirely. “You rob a traveler and steal money from people’s home to pay for your loan. All the actions which the religious scriptures have banned, you are doing. You will be dishonored in heaven. Finally, Bhagat ji emphasizes very strongly,” O man! After reading and listening to the religious books, compassion has not developed in your heart. You have not stopped violence. For the improvement of your life you were to do simran(pray) and meditate among the holy congregation, but you didn’t do that. Then what is the use of reading all those religious scriptures. As stated on page 1253 :

So what have you accomplished by listening to the Puraanas ? Faithful devotion has not welled up within you, and you have not been inspired to give to the hungry. You have not forgotten sexual desire, and you have not forgotten anger; greed has not left you either. Your mouth has not stopped slandering and gossiping about others.Your service is useless and fruitless. By breaking into the houses of others and robbing them, you fill your belly, you sinner. But when you go to the world beyond, your guilt will be well known, by the acts of ignorance which you committed. Cruelty has not left your mind; you have not cherished kindness for other living beings. Parmaanand has joined the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy. Why have you not followed the sacred teachings ?  

Singing the praises of omnipresent, formless Almighty God, guiding others to follow the path of devotion and encouraging meditation to achieve harmony with the Creator, Bhagat Parmanand ji took his last breath at the age of 110 years in the year 1593 A. D. His teachings still continue to guide and inspire so many stray people. His message to these people was that reading and listening to the religious scriptures was useful if they put the knowledge into practical life. But on the other hand, if a person keeps on reading and listening to the religious books and at the same time is engaging himself in all kinds of bad deeds which the scriptures have banned him to do then as it is stated on page 655 :

What use is it to read, and what use is it to study ? What use is it to listen to the Vedas and the Puraanas ? What use is reading and listening, if celestial peace is not attained  

The direction and guidance obtained from the religious books should be used to improve one’s life only then can we become acceptable in the court of Lord. Without its practical application, it is as stated on page 836 :

If God says one thing, and the soul-bride does something else, then all her decorations are useless and false. She may adorn herself to meet her Husband Lord, but still, only the virtuous soul-bride meets God, and the other's face is spat upon.  

Human life is very valuable. It should not be used to perform baseless rituals. We should not invite ridicule and be spat at due to our baseless character. On the contrary we must become respected and recognized here in this world and the next world by living a life based on noble actions and deeds.






























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