31. Recitation of Bani Dakhni Oankar

Omkareshwar Visited by Guru Nanak Dev during his udasis to south. Here the worship of Shivling (Shiv's idol) was considered as a worship of God. The people considered Sanskrit as the language of the gods and learning of Sanskrit language was considered as an act of holiness. Guru Nanak’s visit to that temple; and there was discourse between Guru Nanak and the Pundit(Priest) of Omkar Temple and the bani is called Dakhni Oankar. Guru Nanak is talking about the ancient concept being taught by the Pundit: The Idol of Shiva or Linga of Shiva is considered as ‘EAMkwir’ (Omkar) by the Pundit of Omkar Temple. And the Pundit also equates ‘Omkar’ to OM, which represent Trinity of God. Therefore, it is not the philosophy of Guru Nanak.